Where in the Constitution?

An examination of the ongoing perversion of the U.S. Constitution


Everyone is aware of the federal government’s ever-increasing power but few understand that most of their actions are unconstitutional. This site is dedicated to exposing and explaining this fact.

The idea for this site originated with a blog post I made shortly after the 2016 presidential election called Never Trumpers and the Constitution. In it I explained to the never-Trumpers that their fears about what Donald Trump will do regarding abortion, gay marriage, Obamacare, education, climate change, welfare, and drug enforcement are unfounded.

I explained that the states created the federal government and granted it the power to do a few things; everything else was left to the states – Article I, Section 8 and the Tenth Amendment.

Finally I explained that they have nothing to fear because the Constitution does not mention: marriage, health insurance, the education of their children, gun control, labor laws, abortion, bailouts of corporations, stimulus packages, regulation of carbon dioxide emissions, welfare programs, farm subsidies, regulation of drugs, or foreign aid.

For most of our federal politicians, the Constitution is a dead letter, “meaning that men in power have used tortured arguments to interpret it to suit their purposes or have ignored it altogether in the name of ‘national security’.” ~ George F. Smith