Nullification is the Rightful Remedy!

Definition of Nullification: Any act or set of acts which has as its result a particular law being rendered legally null and void, or unenforceable in practice. ~ Tenth Amendment Center

The federal government does NOT have a monopoly on determining the constitutionality of a law. Neither does the Supreme Court! When a federal law violates the Constitution, that law is ipso facto null and void. It is up to the states to declare it such and refuse to enforce it.

In the absence of responsible national legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government, the People have two powerful remedies at their disposal to reign in Washington, D.C.’s constant, unconstitutional power grabs – Convention of the States and Nullification.

Because of its massive size and reach, the federal government has become more and more dependent on state and local support to carry out its laws and regulatory programs. It is imperative that state and local officials resist offering assistance to federal agencies within their jurisdiction as they attempt to enforce unconstitutional federal laws and regulations.

  • The idea is that the states are sovereign and the feds have very limited jurisdiction. State legislatures pass laws prohibiting state enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws. No state resources can be used.
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