“Is healthcare war, peace negotiations, and foreign commerce? Is healthcare a foreign affair? No it’s not! Therefore the only conclusion that we can come to when we understand how the proper body of government functions is that healthcare is a reserved power to the states not a delegated power to the federal government.”

~ KrisAnn Hall – Healthcare is not a Federal Power

Of course, I oppose Medicare and Medicaid! It is not the job of the government to provide or pay for health care or health insurance. And it is immoral to force some Americans to pay for the health care of other Americans. ~ 

How to Reform Health Care in America

#1 – Get the federal government out of the health care business!

#2 – Encourage/permit the purchase of health insurance across state lines.

#3 – Eliminate some of the regulations, licensing, and education requirements to become a medical practitioner.

#4 – Eliminate the thousands of state mandates imposed on health insurance companies.

#5 – Encourage the purchase and issuance of guaranteed issue insurance policies.

#6 – Allow people to buy health insurance as a part of a group.

#7 – Allow individuals a tax deduction for health insurance premiums paid.

#8 – Allow doctors and/or medical corporations a tax deduction for all pro-bono work they provide.

#9 – Encourage/permit unlimited tax deductible contributions to health savings accounts that are transferable to other family members.

#10 – Medical malpractice tort reform.

#11- Create high risk pools at the individual state level for people with pre-existing conditions.