The Department of Education is unconstitutional!

  • Of course, I oppose public education! It is not the job of the government to educate anyone’s children or force anyone to pay for the education of anyone else’s children. All schools, vouchers, grants, and loans should be private.
    ~ Laurence M. Vance

  • The Constitution gives the central government no power whatsoever over education, and thus it is an area left entirely to the democratically elected leaders of the state.~ Adam Freedman

The Students’ Union

The teachers’ unions represent teachers and bureaucrats!
Who represents the students?

When schoolchildren start paying dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.
~ Albert Shanker, the late president of the American Federation of Teachers.

The major purpose of our organization is not the education of children. It is or ought to be the extension and/or preservation of our members’ rights. We earnestly care about the kids learning, but that is secondary to the other goals.
~ Mary Futrrell, former National Education Association president.

We must remember that we were founded for one reason – and one reason only – and that was to engage in politics. We were founded to engage in the political process in order to create an organized system of public instruction and to elevate the profession of teaching in California.
~ Carolyn Doggett, former executive director of the California Teachers Association.

The purpose of public education is not to teach children; it’s to create jobs for ‘educators’.
~ Ann Coulter

The purpose of this new, proposed ‘Students’ Union is to become a vehicle to counteract, challenge, and refute efforts by teachers’ unions to further tighten their grip on our children’s future. It will also become an advocate for reform.

There are more parents of students and concerned citizens than there are education bureaucrats and union bosses. We vote and our voices need to be heard!

It’s not even a fair fight! The teachers’ unions simply have to delay and wait out activist parents. Once their children are out of the system, the likelihood of them staying in the fight is reduced significantly.