The Truth Quest Podcast Episode #2 – The Truth About Abortion – What About the Baby?

Mandatory consideration for the unborn . . . . .

Mandatory waiting periods are perfectly acceptable for gun purchases but, when it comes to aborting an unborn baby, they are described as barbaric and a violation of women’s constitutional rights. In American, obtaining a conceal-and-carry permit takes months but a woman can abort her child on demand.

This cause will explore legal methods at the state level to insure that mothers considering an abortion are fully informed and, at the very least, require them to reaffirm their decision. It will focus on helping the mother make an educated decision rather than an emotional one or one of convenience.

Some of the methods currently employed include:

  • Mandatory waiting period after the mother has made contact with a clinic.
  • Mandatory  ultrasounds.
  • Mandatory counseling to discuss other options such as adoption.
  • Mandatory watching of an abortion procedure.
  • Mandatory education of the fetal development and gestational age.

In our hyper-politically correct society, any mention of restrictions on abortions is met with calls of unconstitutionality, “War on Women”, and “anti-choice”! It’s time that conservatives and libertarians call BS on the inane name-calling.

Americans are essentially split 50-50 pro-life vs. pro-abortion yet pro-lifers are constantly berated by the media and the pro-abortion lobby over our position on the issue. In the meantime, we’ve had over 55 million abortions performed since Roe v. Wade. Keep in mind, there are only 310 million people in America right now! That means we have aborted just under 20% of the current population. How can any truth-seeking, right-minded person justify this?

Most of the pro-abortion arguments are centered on the mother’s rights. It’s time that the baby’s rights be put front-and-center. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. What rights does the baby have? Doesn’t the state have an obligation to protect the baby? At least try to prevent its death? Isn’t that what government is for?